Jai Shree Krishna, my name is Hemang Bhatt and I offer my services as a Hindu Priest. I specialise in silent Hindu wedding ceremony service. 

Priest Hemang Bhatt 



Wedding Planning

Spiritually, a wedding is a union, of two souls but to plan that we need wedding planning checklist and this is where a wedding priest can help you with the wedding timeline and proceedings. Wedding planner checklist is one important tool too. When we think of a Hindu wedding, often we think of a crowded, unorganized gathering which is uncoordinated and very much disrupting to its Main part – The Wedding Ceremony.

I use my knowledge and wisdom gained from lots of ceremonies that I have conducted and bring a wealth of information to your wedding day to make it authentic, fun and Divine day of your life.

To do so, the Priest needs to have multiple skill set, some of these being:

1-   Respectful of all the invited guests.
2-   Engage with all the guests and involve them with the proceedings.
3-   Conduct a Spiritual ceremony that is joyous for all.

Each couple is different and so is their needs and choices. In conjunction with you, we can plan a customized ceremony that is not only sacred but equally worldly and engaging – the way you would want it to make it truly yours.