Jai Shree Krishna, my name is Hemang Bhatt and I offer my services as a Hindu Priest. I specialise in silent Hindu wedding ceremony service. 

Hindu Wedding Priest Hemang Bhatt 

I originate from a Bramhin family in Dakor, India which is a pilgrimage place in the state of Gujarat.
There is an ancient temple of the Lord Krishna there and all my ancestors have been the official priests of the Lord Krishna temple there. Since my childhood, my parents carried me to the temple for worship and before I could understand the language and pray, I used to play there and got attracted to the divinity of the temple.
As I grew up, my parents taught me the various religious texts and ceremonies. After that I studied in an Ashram (hermitage) to graduate in spiritual ceremonies.

My studies opened the path to a new life and also allowed me to look further so when I came to the UK, I continued to worship and officiate various ceremonies whilst being in a teaching role in the local school in Leicester.

I am a Hindu Wedding Priest Hemang Bhatt. I am passionate about wedding ceremonies and enjoy conducting them. To make a wedding memorable to all, I recite the ceremonial verses in Sanskrit and explain their meaning in Gujarati, English and Hindi so that the couple can understand and this also allows the invited guests to be engaged and make them feel that they too are a part of the ceremony. The wedding ceremony music has to blend with the mood at various stages too.

Priest Hemang Bhatt